to North Harrow Methodist Church.

North Harrow methodist Church front view

North Harrow Methodist Church is a friendly Church at the centre of the community. We exist to express and celebrate the love of God in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit in worship, learning, caring, and service.

Our times of worship are accessible to all as we share our understanding and love of God; we aim to create an open church offering hospitality to all in the local community.

Prayer for the week

Lord, teach us to value our possessions in the right way. Help us never to
think more of them than of people. Make us ready to use them freely for the
good of others and to share them generously without grudging. Thank you
for the beautiful things that we enjoy possessing. May our enjoyment be
wholesome and right and may we hold lightly to all we own. For the sake of
Jesus Christ, who became poor that we might be eternally rich. Amen

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